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      What are the benefits of having site accommodation?

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      Having site accommodation or portable offices comes with a variety of benefits from being able to have a toilet on-site which can save time to having a sales/marketing suite to continue your business on-site.

      Qik Group offer a wide range of cabins which can be laid out, partitioned, equipped and furnished from a comprehensive range of optional extras.

      Extras can include: offices, toilets, drying & changing rooms, welfare facilities, canteens, sales and marketing suites, security stores and containers, mobile wheeled cabins and many other facilities.

      Not only can the cabins allow you to have a central place to operate in and thus add structure to processes and decision-making but it can also allow you to make your team more comfortable.

      Furthermore you can save your workers time and improve efficiency by having a canteen where they can eat together instead of having to go off-site.

      Standard lengths are 2.44m (8’), 3.66m (12’), 4.88m (16’), 6.1m (20’), 7.32m (24’) and 9.76m (32’) but cabins can also be custom made to different sizes and specifications.

      For more information or to hire site accommodation please call 01895 448080.

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